Download Rosewater (movie Tie-in Edition): A Family’s Story Of Love, Captivity, And Survival

Author By Maziar Bahari, Aimee Molloy
Download Rosewater (movie Tie-in Edition): A Family’s Story Of Love, Captivity, And Survival

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When Maziar Bahari left London in June 2009 to cowl Iran’s presidential election, he assured his pregnant fiancée, Paola, that he’d be once more in just a few days, a week at most. Little did he know, as he kissed her goodbye, that he would spend the next three months in Iran’s most notorious jail, enduring brutal interrogation durations by the arms of an individual he knew solely by his odor: Rosewater.

For the Bahari family, wars, coups, and revolutions aren’t distant concepts nevertheless intimate realities they’ve suffered for generations: Maziar’s father was imprisoned by the shah inside the Nineteen Fifties, and his sister by Ayatollah Khomeini inside the Nineteen Eighties. Alone in his cell at Evin Jail, fearing the worst, Maziar attracts energy from his reminiscences of the braveness of his father and sister inside the face of torture, and hears their voices chatting with him all through the years. He objectives of being with Paola in London, and imagines all that she and his rambunctious, resilient eighty-four-year-earlier mother need to be doing to advertising marketing campaign for his launch. Within the course of the worst of his encounters with Rosewater, he silently repeats the names of his family members, calling on their energy and wish to protect him and praying he could be launched in time for the beginning of his first teenager.

A riveting, coronary coronary heart-wrenching memoir, Rosewater provides notion into the earlier seventy years of regime change in Iran, along with the long run of a country the place the democratic impulses of the youth recurrently battle with a authorities that turns into additional totalitarian with each passing day. An intimate and fascinating account of trendy Iran, it can be the shifting and splendidly written story of one family’s extraordinary braveness inside the face of repression.

“I truly connected to Maziar’s story. It’s a personal story nevertheless one with widespread attraction about what it means to be free.”—Jon Stewart

“An needed and elegant book . . . a jail memoir enlarged proper right into a family historic previous.”—The New Republic

“Clear and compelling . . . partaking and informative—a gripping tribute to human dedication and a cogent indictment of a corrupt regime.”—Washington Unbiased Evaluation of Books

“[Rosewater] should not be solely a fascinating, human exploration into Bahari’s personal experience . . . it moreover presents notion into the shared experience of these affected by repressive governments all over the place.”—Mother Jones

“A damning account . . . [Rosewater] turns a lens not solely on Iran’s surreal justice system nevertheless on the historic previous and custom that helped produce it.”—The Washington Publish

“[Rosewater] is a singular achievement. It is a story not merely of political cruelty (a subject Bahari treats movingly), however as well as in regards to the two poles of Iranian political custom, bent collectively in upheaval.”—The Guardian (UK)

“A fantastically written account of life in Iran, full of insights not solely into the power struggles and political machinations nevertheless into the personal, emotional lives of the people dwelling in that troublesome nation. Maziar Bahari is a brave man and an beautiful storyteller.”—Fareed Zakaria

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